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Obviously, I’m a lover of the written word. But really, I’m a lover of story. Whether I’m diving into a world of fantasy or exploring the human condition through a piece of classic literature, I’m in my happy place when I’m reading.

It was only natural that I took this love and turned it into a career. You can read my full journey in my CV (if you’re into that kind of thing) but here’s the basics.

I fell in love with the editing process in my undergraduate writing workshops. I quickly learned that I got more pleasure (and was, frankly, better at) editing my classmates’ work than writing my own.

From there I earned my master’s in book publishing from Portland State University, working as the Acquisitions Manager and an editor at the student-run Ooligan Press for two years. There I honed my skills at developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, emersing myself in the craft of writing and the nuance of grammar.

Next I spent five years working at small and mid-sized publishers as an editor and marketer, and picked up freelance projects along the way. I have worked on everything from fiction to nonfiction, YA to mind, body, spirit. I have worked with writers at the very beginning of the process, helping them to craft their characters, plot, and general structure, as well as at the end of the process, hunting for the last typos before a book was shipped off to press. And I’ve loved every second of it.

Now, with a little one at home, I’m delighted to be devoting my time to freelance editing. I can’t wait to see what adventure your project will take me on!