Developmental Editing
Looking at the Big Picture

This is all about the BIG picture. The editorial focus at this stage is on helping you develop and communicate your idea. Sounds simple, but it’s a lot of work. We’ll focus on the overall plot and/or structure of the piece, character development, voice and tone, clarity and coherence of the writing, consistency, etc. Basically, this is the deepest form of editing. Usually this takes a few rounds between the editor and writer, and there will be a lot of conversations. Get ready to talk, talk, talk and write, write, write and revise, revise, revise.

Line By Line

Now it’s time to zoom in on the line by line edits. This is where we break out the polishing cloth. We’ll focus on grammar, syntax, spelling, consistency, style, and formatting. We’ll also look at some structural issues on the paragraph level, inconsistency in statements, fact checking, and more. But don’t worry, I’m not going to gut your writing. A good copyedit is a conversation with the writer, just like in development. In addition to correcting general grammar and typos, I’ll provide lots of comments and suggestions on how to improve rough, awkward, or confusing sentences and paragraphs.

Pesky, Pesky Typos

Now, the final phase. Phew. We’ve made it. This is a final pass. We’re not looking at structure or plot. There will probably be minimal comments or suggestions. This is all about finding those last, pesky typos and errors. A missed comma here, an ‘its’ instead of an ‘it’s’ there. After this, it’s time to take a deep breath before sending your book off into the world (whether you’re sending it to a publisher or agent, or straight to your reader via a self-publishing platform). Don’t worry, by this point you’ve got one gorgeous book ready for any reader to lose themselves in.

Other Services
The Icing on Top

But, wait! That’s not all. Here are a few of the other general editing services I can offer you. Think of it as the icing on the cake (or maybe the fancy candy roses on the tippy top of the cake).

  • Manuscript Proposal Writing & Editing: Ready to get an agent? Ready to send to publishers? I’ll help you create or edit your manuscript proposal, including researching market and audience, comp titles, etc.
  • Blog Editing: Have a blog? Want an editor to look things over before they’re published? I work with bloggers on retainer to provide quick edits. Fast and convenient.
  • Website Editing: Don’t be the person who puts all their time and energy into the design of their website but forgets to check for typos. I can help you out by reviewing for errors, broken links, and more before you launch.
  • Reader’s Report: Whether you’re an author, agent, or publisher, I can provide in-depth reader’s report for your manuscript. I’ll review for strength of the writing, potential market, audience, etc.
  • Other: Think you’ve got a project not listed here you’d like me to work on? Send me an email with a description. I’ll let you know if it’s a good fit.