“Leah was the in-house editor assigned to help with my first novel when it was being published by RainTown Press, and she did a great job. She was excited about the story and I felt that she really understood my characters and what I was trying to do with the book. She did several rounds of content edits with me as well as line edits and proofreading, and really helped to make both the story itself and the text concise and beautiful. Leah was happy to suggest new strategies I could try out in revisions, give me feedback on ideas, and meet with me in person or via skype when I needed clarification or advice. I felt like we were working as a team and she was very supportive the whole way through – we turned out a great book as a result, and I would recommend Leah as an editor to any fiction writer!”

—Danielle Rogland, author of Ignite


“Leah is fantastic to work with. It is always hard choosing an editor, because you are taking a bit of a leap of faith, and you have to trust that the person on the other side of the project will be everything you desire– Leah is all that, and more! She is communicative, up-front, and honest in her edits. She’s very knowledgable about the industry, and has taught me things that even my most experienced writer friends and librarian friends are unfamiliar with. She is a great ally to have on your team when working hard to accomplish your goals as a writer. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs editing help.”

—Katelyn Yanko, Unlocked

“Leah is a great editor! Since this was my first novel I really needed someone to guide me and understand both my insecurities and lack of knowledge. She did all that and more. She was very patient with my numerous questions and responded quickly. She was able to point out my mistakes without making me feel bad about them, and balanced that by telling me what I was doing right. She gave specific examples and suggestions which is very necessary in order to improve. I can’t wait to work with her again on my sequel.”

—Michelle Winkler, author of Dust on the Altar

“As an editor, whether it be in acquisitions, developmental editing, and/or copy editing, Leah continues to prove herself to be exceptional in her skill, her knowledge, and her work ethic. She impresses me with her ability to keep pace with improvements and innovations in the publishing industry, particularly in area pertaining to her chosen specialty of editing.”

—Anna Noak, Editorial Director, IT Revolution Press


“Leah is a highly disciplined, detail-oriented editor with skills anyone would want to have on their side. She is experienced with all levels of editing, and is especially proficient in giving no-nonsense, meticulous, and incredibly thorough advice on developmental edits. She is a seasoned project manager and knows how to get things done and make sure those working with and under her accomplish their tasks as well, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking freelance editorial services!”

—Sylvia Cottrell, Editor at Ex Libris Editing